Thoughts in weight loss

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Thoughts in weight loss

Emotions when losing weight

In addition to despondency, there are several emotions that come with losing weight; feeling demotivated, depressed feelings, sadness and a lack of self-confidence. You run the risk of generating emotions with your own thoughts that are not conducive to achieving your goal. Before you feel an emotion, you have a thought that triggers this emotion.

Thinking habits

The following ‘thinking habits’ do not make it easier for you to achieve your goal:

  • Disaster thinking ; “If I don’t waste this week, I will never succeed” is an example of disaster thinking. You already become despondent at the thought and the big chance that you are going to give up.
  • Draw conclusions too quickly ; do not think after 2 weeks of diet without result that you have to stop. Consider options other than giving up completely.
  • Black and white thinking ; it went right or wrong. It has to go perfectly, otherwise it doesn’t count. If you do not reach your goal immediately, you will be knocked out of the field by not seeing the step you have made. Perhaps the step is smaller than desired, but don’t forget to appreciate that small step.
  • Thinking for the other ; “It is not pleasant for my girlfriend if I do not eat a pastry on her birthday” is an example of thinking for someone else. You consider that someone else does not like it and you set your own goal aside. Will your girlfriend really not stand behind you and appreciate that you are going to become healthier for your purpose?

Recognize and adjust

When you are aware of the fact that thoughts precede your emotions, you can respond to this. It is then important to recognize and adjust any thoughts that cause negative emotions. Find out what the situation is, what your thoughts are, how it feels and what you decide to do. Is your behavior a follow-up to a negative thought? Then make sure that you put this into perspective and look at it positively. You can ask yourself the following about the negative thought; is it really true? What is the best that could happen? What is the most realistic outcome? What would I say to a friend if she were in the same situation? Is a different view possible?

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