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It is really hard to believe at first that such a thing exists as the CHiP. I first heard it from my daughter Bella who really loves to bake. She saw it at one of the videos posted on YouTube. Honestly, at first, I thought that all of these are only marketing strategy and a gimmick to sell the product. But when I researched it, I found out that there are good reviews about this product. As a gift to my daughter, I bought one for her. I did not really expect for it to function like a dream. But guess what, I was wrong. Now, the whole family is already enjoying this gift. In fact, I have to buy another one because my daughter was getting annoyed that the gift is being used by us. LOL. My bad. This is a good addition to those people who love to eat cookies. Take note that you cookies finish cooking in just a few minutes. Really good.


This cookie maker is decent. We just wanted to try its capability, that is why we bought one. But guess what! It really functions like what they advertised. It is really good and very yummy. It doesn’t create just one type of cookie because you can create a lot of different varieties from it. You can have mint cookies and chocolate chip. You can even have one that is made up of oatmeal. The most decent thing is that you do not even need to do much bussing afterwards. You know that the hardest thing ever is that the cleanup. It is also what many people do not want to do. As such, this poses as a great convenience to all family members alike. Het your own CHiP for you to understand what we are talking about.