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I am not selling supplements, just providing information that will help you make an informed decision. If you want to purchase supplements, I will link you to the right place so you can buy. I will only recommend one product from this page at this time. Please feel free to discuss any questions in the comments section.

Protein – 100g

When I see protein bars on the internet, I usually say, "Hey, that's some decent protein for a $25 bar!" When you read the ingredients, it's not too different from what you would find at a grocery store. The only thing I like is the inclusion of the organic sugar-free vanilla flavor.

Sodium – 200mg

One of the primary benefits of a ketogenic diet is decreased sodium levels. Some people on the ketogenic diet are sodium-sensitive, so I generally recommend the use of salt. You will have to adjust this number based on how much salt is in the food you're eating. For example, if you have a pasta dish and want to eat the pasta without salt, you'll need more than 200mg of sodium in order to avoid the "keto diet" effect.

Grapes – 10g

I am a food scientist who is working with a variety of foods that contain some amount of antioxidants.

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